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A Bridge Building Consultancy

Finding common ground and creating common good in the Indigenous Economy




Rooted in Respect, Designed for Sustainable Results

We are your strategic way finder. Coast to coast and across all sectors, we bring insightful solutions to clients at any stage in their journey.

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Leading the way in the Indigenous Economy

We are a company of bridge builders, guiding corporations, governments, and communities toward vibrant outcomes: sustainable partnerships, equitable solutions, and shared prosperity.

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A Network of Talent & Trusted Relationships that Runs Wide and Deep

Our team is authentically connected within the landscape of commerce and communities. Mokwateh’s experts focus your efforts where it matters most.


Strategic Consulting for Corporations,
Associations and Not-For-Profits

Empowering Indigenous Communities
and Organizations

Guidance for Governments,

Agencies and Institutions

Speaking Engagements and 

Thought Leadership

Together we are growing the Indigenous Economy, Canada’s competitive edge.

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Build A Bridge With Us

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