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Proudly committed to finding common ground and creating common good in the Indigenous economy.

How We Can Help

Strategic Consulting for Corporations, Associations & Not-for-Profits

While every journey is different, our clients often need support tailored to one of six organizational objectives.

  • Proactive Thought Leadership for Strat Plans through an Indigenous lens: These are bespoke to the insights of your organization and industry, drawing from the full scope of our experience and network. Our work together can range in scope from Engagement Strategies, to Action Plans, to Cultural Awareness.

  • Informed Project Support for Business Opportunities: Our team brings know how and tactical finesse, seamlessly stepping in to do the heavy lifting from world class research and analysis to execution and everything in between.

  • Strategic Problem Solving: Leadership in navigating challenges respectfully and with sustainable outcomes for all.

  • Trusted Advisory Services: Ongoing counsel on day-to-day opportunities and happenings. 

  • Empowering teams, leaders, and boards with best-in-class training or keynotes.

  • Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) Certification Support: PAR is a premiere certification run by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB), confirming a company’s performance across measures of Indigenous relations. Mokwateh’s deep experience working in executive roles within CCAB gives us unparalleled insights into how to best use the PAR process to build relationships, create impact, and align with your wider corporate goals.

  • Events & Facilitation: We create unforgettable experiences, marrying logistical expertise with our powerful connections in the Indigenous Economy.



Empowering Indigenous Communities & Organizations

With listening and respect at the centre of all that we do, Mokwateh is proud and prepared to support the capacity and connectivity of Indigenous communities and organizations. We bridge our experience and far-reaching network to create momentum for you.

Nation Building:

  • Technical Support to improve the building blocks of organizations, from processes to accounting to systems and beyond.

  • Filling capacity gaps to support community building and governance initiatives.

As active participants in the landscape, Mokwateh helps you to identify opportunities and facilitates strategic relationships.

Strategic Policy Response:
Both on paper (through interpretation and response crafting) and in person (by opening up conversations between important parties).

Opportunity Creation:
Full coverage support in finding, bidding, and delivering government-funded work.

sleuth of black bears

Inside our approach

Bears are one of nature's first animals to emerge. It is a rare but meaningful experience to encounter a sleuth - typically this happens only as spring starts to bud and the bears come out of hibernation. Their sleuthing is a symbol to the Anishinaabek of natural leadership, that a new season of growth is about to begin.

Our own sleuths at Mokwateh are proud to provide strategic leadership to like minded clients in search of growth. We employ what we call the BRIDGE framework, a belief system for creating enduring strong relationships that are built on mutual trust and respect.

Guidance for Governments, Agencies & Institutions

Mokwateh is a trusted consultancy, delivering Policy and Program work with impact. We work locally, federally, and globally. Mokwateh is adept at executing within institutional frameworks.

  • Globally recognized Indigenous-centred research, insights, and analytics.

  • Strategic Consulting including Environmental Scans and Opportunity / Challenge Analysis.

  • Relationship Building and Engagement.

  • Events & Facilitation: We make it easy for you to deliver an unforgettable experience through our logistical expertise and connection to the Indigenous Economy.

  • Globally networked with institutions, communities, and firms looking to connect with the Canadian Indigenous Economy.

bear paw icon

Positive and sustainable outcomes for all rightsholders and stakeholders involved.


Indigenous Rights

Respecting the constitutionally protected rights of Indigenous Peoples, the uniqueness of their cultures, and the long embedded knowledge of their territories


Best Practices

Taking our collective corporate experience and elevating it through an Indigenous lens.


Do, listen:

Employ active listening so that we find the best inputs for the best outputs.

Gather Information

Ensure a multi dimensional understanding of the landscape, the opportunities, and areas with potential for mismatched expectations.


Ongoing engagement and collaboration with Indigenous Communities and Organizations. Always.




dancers at pow wow

These philosophies are instinctual for every Mokwateh team member. It makes us nimble and keeps us open to possibilities. And that’s where innovation and progress come from.



Renewable Energy

Oil & Natural Gas

Environment & Conservation

Transportation & Infrastructure





Law & Education

Retail & Manufacturing

The Toolkit

Progress in this space is nuanced and the acronyms are important but not always easily understood. We are well versed in all policy development, happenings, and every necessary business and communication tool. UNDRIP Canada (United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act) | TRA Call to Action (Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Call to Action 92) | IBAs (Impact Benefit Agreement) | RAPs (Reconciliation Action Plans) | IEPP (Indigenous Engagement Participation Plan) | Indigenous Engagement and Inclusion | Custom Membership Codes | Custom Election Codes | World Class Research and Data Management | Community Focused Research | Focus Groups | Indigenous Hiring & Talent Management | Diversity, Equity Inclusion | Procurement | Indigenous Relations | Indigenous Engagement Strategy | Community Outreach & Engagement | Strategic Indigenous Communications | Relationship Building | Partnerships | Coalition Building | Assessing Policies, Procedures and Practices through an Indigenous Lens | Strat Plans | Business Consulting | Relationship Support & Risk Mitigation | Governance Review | Policy Development | Policy Response | Industrial Development | Economic Development | Funding Opportunities | Feasibility | Digital Infrastructure | Operations and Governance | Financial Management & Administration | Comprehensive Community Planning & Strategy | Program Review and Development | Research Policy and Advisory Services | Thought Leadership | Roundtable Facilitation | Training | Keynotes | Board Engagement

Industries Served

Canada’s Indigenous Economy is opportunity rich and country wide. From Forestry to Finance, we bring a foundation of best practices in business and relationship building. Including but not limited to:

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