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Case Studies

Ontario Power Generation (OPG)

Developing and executing a meaningful procurement road map for a client deeply dedicated to a future of reconciliation and improved relationships with First Nations.


Ontario Power Generation (OPG)




Renewable Energy

The Client

Ontario Power Generation (OPG), one of the largest and most diverse energy providers in North America. 

The Need

As the pillar of power generation in Ontario, OPG is a legacy firm deeply dedicated to a future of reconciliation and improved relationships with First Nations. This imperative included a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) whereby one of the pillars was to increase Indigenous procurement with 1 billion in Indigenous spend by 2030 across Canada. In 2023, Mokwateh was enlisted as the Ontario partner to activate that pillar in a real and meaningful way.

The Bespoke Solution

Not unlike many good corporate citizens, OPG was committed to Indigenous engagement but needed support in the practical execution: where do you start, how do you address fragile relationships, how do you manage sensitive topics, what conferences should you be at, how do you navigate the sheer scope of the people, places, and spaces with which your organization interacts? Mokwateh’s approach was to share our breadth of insights and connections while immersing ourselves in their business. We partnered with the OPG Indigenous Procurement team to develop the Ontario Indigenous Community and Supplier Engagement Plan (OICSE).

The Bridge We Built

Ultimately, Mokwateh took the strategy and turned it into action that manifested in three ways for OPG:

  • Opening the to door to new recruiting opportunities and Indigenous business partnerships

  • Providing support in navigating discussions or presenting and attending Indigenous conferences and community events

  • Managing follow ups and nurturing connections to build a national network of relationships

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