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Case Studies

The Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA)

Developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for the widely misunderstood nuclear industry with a dual role: to bring clarity and cohesiveness among its members and to create the path for meaningful Indigenous engagement and partnerships.


The Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA)


December 2023



The Client

The Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA). As the voice of the Canadian nuclear industry, the CNA advances the sector, works with governments, and seeks to increase an appreciation of nuclear technology. 

The Need

The CNA and its members believe that they have a meaningful role to play if Canada aspires to meet the 2030 United Nations targets for coal-free, clean, and affordable energy. With growth on the horizon, it was essential to the CNA to champion their ethos of providing impartial information and raising objective awareness for an industry which is not widely understood. Mokwateh was enlisted to develop a critical pillar of this - respectful and authentic Indigenous engagement, participation, and partnerships.

The Bespoke Solution

Our team developed a plan with an appreciation for the layered nature of the nuclear industry: many CNA members overlapping across many First Nation communities and many questions about what nuclear is and its impact. Mokwateh guided the CNA in developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to act as an industry-wide resource for their collective reconciliation journey.

The purpose of an RAP is to create a strategic framework for tactical and leadership commitment with the goal of building trust and relationships with Indigenous communities. We know that an RAP will only be as powerful as the quality of the inputs and the ease of the tools to execute it. With that, Mokwateh’s work included:


  • Working alongside the CNA’s Indigenous Relations Council

  • Facilitating an in-person idea generation session in Ottawa to identify the most important areas of focus for the RAP

  • Supplementing this with one-on-one interviews with each Council member


Synthesis to provide a holistic and comprehensive RAP


Mokwateh workshopped with the CNA project team to ensure comprehension and buy in

Execution Tools: 

We developed a primer that would act as a guide for any CNA member seeking to engage with Indigenous communities and businesses

The Bridge We Built

Mokwateh helped the CNA create a RAP that would act as a leadership tool on many levels: to distribute information, build participation, enable all of its members to become more coordinated in their approach to current projects, establish a cohesive strategy for member growth initiatives, and provide better overall clarity on where to focus their efforts.

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