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Case Studies

TMX Group of Companies

A strategic and executional framework for advancing Indigenous procurement in the underdeveloped tech sector.


TMX Group of Companies


October 2023


Technology and Finance

The Client

The TMX Group of Companies, a Canadian financial services and technology company. The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) is among their flagship operations.

The Need

Relative to other industries such as natural resources, we see less Indigenous participation in the tech and innovation sectors. Leadership at the TSX wanted to proactively help change that and sought the support of Mokwateh to empower Indigenous businesses within their supply chain.

The Bespoke Solution

Much of our work is strategic and logistical wayfinding for clients. For the TSX, this involved applying our framework for Indigenous procurement:

  1. Developing a strategy and targets for finding and verifying Indigenous suppliers.

  2. Writing the company policy to formalize the strategy, with an eye to embedding a level of flexibility. This ensures that the legacy bidding criteria and process design don’t inadvertently override the potential for new highly qualified suppliers.

  3. Delivering a User Guide for the play by play on how to execute this in the financial sector.

The Bridge We Built

The TSX is a North American leader in Indigenous Procurement strategy and a beautiful example of a company simply wanting to learn, improve, and implement. Mokwateh helped them to remove barriers to entry for Indigenous suppliers and move the tech industry forward.

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