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Alex Bishop

Senior Advisor

Alex Bishop's professional journey is marked by a series of impactful achievements:
Spearheaded the establishment of The National Indigenous Economic Institute, dedicated to fostering economic empowerment within Indigenous communities. Provided strategic advisory services to numerous First Nations Chiefs and Councils, facilitating informed decision-making and sustainable development. Instrumental in the formation of First Nation Economic Development Corporations, driving economic growth and self-sufficiency initiatives. Championed the creation of a $200 million governmental fund for Naloxone distribution, advocating for public health under administrations of both Premier Wynne and Premier Ford. Facilitated effective dialogue between the Province of Ontario and its largest union, averting potential work disruptions statewide. Innovated a marketing model, now an industry standard in the healthcare sector, enhancing brand visibility and market penetration. Designed and implemented a tailored Information Technology program to support rapid company expansion. Co-authored a Mental Health toolkit with esteemed professionals, Dr. Tatijana Busic, Dr. Amanda Tobe, and Dr. Carlos Davidovich, providing invaluable resources for mental health support. Spearheaded the launch of a Human Capital Management Company with a focus on change management, addressing organizational needs with agility and foresight. Demonstrated prowess in fundraising, securing over $1 billion in equity capital for various ventures. Orchestrated a diverse bid for National Hockey League Ownership for the Ottawa Senators, showcasing inclusivity and innovation through partnerships with Dragons Den, First Nations, and the Neko Sparks Group.

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