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Dazawray Landrie-Parker

B.A., M.GENIA., PhD Candidate
Director of Strategy & Governance

Current boards

  • Canadian Nuclear Society-Western Branch, Member at Large

  • Canadian Nuclear Association- Board Member

  • Canadian Nuclear Association Governance, Human Resources and Compensation (GHRC) Committee Member

  • Canadian Nuclear Association, Indigenous Relations Council

Past boards

  1. Bloomberg-Harvard City Leadership Initiative

  • Conference Board of Canada’s Corporate-Indigenous Relations Council

  • RCMP Commanding Officer F Division Aboriginal Advisory Committee

Dazawray is a Métis woman dedicated to advancing Indigenous interests in business and fostering collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. As Director of Strategy & Governance for Mokwateh, Dazawray brings over a decade of experience in research, project management, stakeholder engagement, and practical expertise to her work.  

Her research primarily focuses on socio-economic data analysis and community engagement, particularly with Indigenous communities. Emphasizing culturally sensitive approaches to research and collaborative problem-solving, Dazawray has led initiatives exploring Indigenous perspectives on nuclear energy and contributed to environmental impact assessments for resource development projects. Her work highlights the importance of integrating Indigenous knowledge into decision-making processes for sustainable outcomes. 

Dazawray's leadership in the nuclear sector has been recognized through her notable publications, awards, and board appointments. In 2022, she received the CNS/CNA Award of Excellence in Engagement and Communications, and in 2023 she was appointed to the Canadian Nuclear Association Board of Directors. 
Driven by her Identity as a Métis women, Dazawray has dedicated her academic and professional career to advocating for Indigenous & gender inclusion in the industry. She is a strong proponent of “two-eyed seeing” -an approach that combines Indigenous and Western knowledge systems to gain a comprehensive understanding of complex issues while respecting and valuing both perspectives, for the benefit of Indigenous Nations, communities, and industry. Dazawray holds a Master's Degree in Governance and Entrepreneurship in Northern and Indigenous Areas and is in the final stages of completing her Ph.D. in Public Policy, focusing on Indigenous Economic Reconciliation in Canada's Nuclear Energy Sector.

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